Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hump Day Pic Dump Day

I've two pair of Scarlet Tanagers and at least two pair of Indigo Buntings visiting several times a day lately. This year is the first I've seen either at Johnsonville. Though I had two different Bluebird families nest here last year I haven't seen hide nor feather of 'em this year. Skrange. BUT my favorite bird of all, "the hardest working birds in rock and roll", the Carolina Wrens, are everywhere! I love them bug eatin' rascals! Life Is Good here. Hope it's as good where you are.
       ANYway .... here's a healthy(?) dump from this past week.  AHHhhhh! Smell That? Impeachment's In The Air! Enjoy ...


  1. The "Not Pregnant? I can help" one has an Austin area code.


  2. Beej. Thanks, and again. I'm stealing the Not Preggers trick.

    Fuck Walmart!


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