Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time For A Folder Cleansing Dump ...

Humpdy Got-DAM DUMPDY! Gitchysum .....


  1. So many disturbing images...

    My eyes.

    1. Yah! and NONE of these memes were made by me! Boy, if I ever figure out just how to CREATE disturbing images. maaaaann! THEN, you'll REALLY see some shit!

      Harry, I intentionally left the "Follow This Blog gadget" off my page for a reason. I post for ME and could not care less about traffic or fucking "likes" or fucking google "pluses" or fucking sharing either. I don't mind folks dropping by to geek at the shit I post and drop a comment, everybody wants LOVE, amirite? but there'll be no following around here. Get me? We BOTH know how, shall we say, less than friendly, I can be when I put my mind to it, and I don't want to block you completely, unless ...
      Harry, I was once 'mystrbreeze', and before that, 'mystrbreez", and if you jump in the waybac and find win95 and aol floating around I was once "pennywise, Amos Skeeter, and Hugh Jass" ... but I never(arguably, yes) trolled under any of those guises. Harry ... have you ever been a 'Theo'? I mean, seriously, Sybil. I question your motive for even LOOKING at my shit ... and that's YOUR fuckin' Bad, not mine. moving the fuck ON might take me a minute. Eh? Sooo ... UN, fucking, follow me and I can still say everybody's welcome here and mean it. 'K? Unless you are the Theo of renown. In which case you're prolly gunna wanna just GTFO now. Even though you ARE a Moody Blues, King Crimson, etc. fan.
      Oh! lol ... "Disturbing images" ... "my" ..."eyes"! HA! I get it!

    2. Well, I don't think you need to block me. I can find a door without help.

      It's curious to me that someone who posts pictures of the President, ballsack tattoos, car accidents, and women getting cut up like bread would automatically consider the term "disturbing" to be such an unspeakable insult that they'd respond to my 6-word response with two paragraphs of what looks like a temper tantrum.

      I didn't consider it to be anything other a light-hearted reaction to some of the pictures. I can honestly say that in 13 years of blogging, I've never had a comment be so misunderstood.

      I hope you accept my apology for having hurt with my comment. I never imagined.

      I hope you find this Theo.

    3. Well back atcha, there, Bucko, because I enjoyed your comment(really did get the jest - your avitar, with all the eyes and my(yes, VERY) disturbing images all up in 'em. s'funny. I get it.)wasn't a bit insulted or hurt(It's disturbing to ME there are people who put that shit out for OTHER people to look at, TOO! See MY Avitar? SHEESH!), and took it in the vein you intended. I was referring to following this blog(thank you for un) and a crass still unknown asshole who harassed my now 'late' dos amigos y compaƱeros. I'm not looking for him but I know his game. And coming over HERE to start some shit fits his M.O..
      YOU, Harry(?), are welcome here. I've read MANY of your offerings and was beguiled like the rest by Katy's sticky web. You're one of the smartest people I've ever shared thoughts with. So I hope YOU will accept MY apology for the misunderstood comment, come back and view the disturbing shit I post,again,(I mean it, if I ever learn how to photoshop some shit, you'll need Clow-Rox for all them eyes you got!) and if so MOVED leave a comment. or two.Please. just no following. a'ight?


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