Friday, April 14, 2017

North Korea Time Is 12.5 Hours Ahead of Eastern Daylight Savings

North Korea's Biggest Holiday Of The Year Tomorrow? Check! Lil' Kim Poised For Nuke Test #6? Check! Trump And Xi BOTH Told Lil' Kim "you bed' fuckin' NOT!!"? Check! U.S. Navy Strike Group Poised Off The Korean Peninsula? Check! 26 Million People Living In And Around Seoul? Check! (well ... 26 Million and One. The Vice President Of The United States. "Blackie, I Have A Job For You."). Just WHICH ... is crazier? Your guess is as good as anybody's. Tune in tomorrow and find out. Glad I don't live any closer to Seoul than I do. Just how cold IS a nuclear winter? Anyone?

Pale Blue Dot from Chin Li Zhi on Vimeo.

But we have all these ... WEAPONS .. you see. lying around over-aging .. you see. and President Milquetoast wouldn't burn 'em. so ... "Ohh! The Matador!! The Matador.."


  1. President Milquetoast only dropped 23,000 bombs per year. And he asked for congressional approval (which was denied) before going into Syria.

    But now that that's behind us, we're 8 years behind on starting wars. Buckle up.

    1. I was about through with everything I wanted to do, anyway.


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