Thursday, April 13, 2017

Making America Great. Again.

John Daly Tees Off Using a Beer While Smoking A Cigarette. Here's 'Murka's Favorite ("One of us! One of us!")... John Daly

Here's a look at John's Fan base ...

Reckon ANY of those folks voted for Hillary?


  1. Many identify with Daly. Do they let him come around the Masters anymore?

  2. Myrtle Beach, SC is about as close as he's allowed to Augusta, these days. "Aw, the guy's just like US!" his fans say. You've seen a few of his type over the years, too, around the course, haven't you Tom? He's the spitting image of my Father In law, who by the way adores Long John's course play. I have no problem with people(even in the public eye) who present themselves as original, walk like they talk, and suffer the consequences of their own actions - WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE, LIBERTY, OR MY PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Hey! Be All the YOU, you wanna' BE! amirite? but if you're a government official who has a direct-connect to my happy switch? That motherfucker better not BE ... as crazy as me. amirite?
    Thanks for coming by, Tom. Headed northward, Home next week? Take care ol' Pard.


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